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Turbo Oelex float top oil skimming unit


Fine-mechanical level compensation
Gradings: 0 – 250 mm, 0 – 400 mm, 0 – 600 mm
Performance approx. 10 – 30 l/min.
Operating temperature up to 80°C
Made of stainless steel plate suitable for pH values ranging from 4.0 – 14.0


Product description:

This extraction device is an effective unit for targeted extraction of oil from emulsion containers, washing and phosphating baths or central emulsion processing plants. Thanks to its high extraction performance, a powerful surface flow towards the extraction unit is created in the container. The device, which is equipped with a diaphragm pump, operates on a purely mechanical basis, with the extraction tube automatically adjusting itself with millimetre accuracy to the fluctuating surface level to ensure that only the top oil level is skimmed.

The actual process of separating the foreign oil and the fine filtration stage (e.g. the separation of aluminium or graphite abrasion) then takes place afterwards in the Turbo 3-phase centrifuge. Use of the Turbo Oelex Float delivers a significant improvement in terms of the quality of the emulsion and the washing bath.