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Turbo Clean

untitledTurbo-Clean T-TCL


  • Processing capacity 120-480 LPM
  • Suitable for removal of carbide from grinding oil
  • Incl. tanks for contaminated oil and clean oil
  • Incl. supply pump
  • Incl. sludge processing with a centrifuge
  • Optional recooling unit
  • Optional magnetic pre-separation


Description of operation:

Contaminated oil from one or more grinding machines is directed into the Dirty oil tank of the plant. A pump delivers the contaminated oil through a reversible flow filtration unit. The purified oil is accumulated in a clean oil storage tank. One or more supply pumps then supply clean oil back to the machine tool. The filters are back-flushed according to the level of contamination of the cartridges – this process is triggered automatically. The back-flushing process is staggered, so that the supply to the connected machines does not need to be interrupted. The back-flushed fluid will be directed into the centrifuge, from which the oil returns to the system.

Sludge processing:

Unlike most of the reversible flow filters available on the market, Turbo reversible flow filtration systems are set up with a centrifuge to process sludge. The centrifuge separates the solids and removes them as a compact sludge with low residual moisture. The sludge removal process takes place either manually or fully automatically, and the oil returns to the system.

Optional: recooling:

The reversible flow filtration plant can be equipped with a cooling unit. This ensures that the oil is kept at a constant temperature, and the dimensional accuracy of the produced workpieces is dramatically improved as a result.

Advantages in operation:

  • No need for additional filtration aids
  • Relatively dry sludge = disposal quantities and costs are minimised
  • Good to very good constant filtration quality in the range from 2 – 5 μm
  • No need to interrupt operation, back-flush process does not require compressed air
  • Very inexpensive filter cartridges, excellent value for money