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Turbo Separator - Manual Centrifuges

Turbo centrifuges with manual removal of solids

Function: The contaminated fluid is automatically sucked in from the bottom or fed from the top through a feed pipe in the centrifuge cover into the drum. The fluid then flows through the drum from the bottom up. As it flows through the rotor, the fluid is separated into its different components which have different weights. The heavy solid particles drift outwards and are deposited on the wall of the drum. The cleaned fluid is discharged under pressure through a tube. The fast-rotating rotor guarantees high filtration quality. The sturdy plastic inserts ensure easy handling, and the robust bearings of the rotor allow it to be used even under extreme external conditions. Frequency converters, PLC, sensor-monitored cover latches and all of the necessary indicator lamps complete the standard series equipment. Thanks to these components the devices meet all relevant safety regulations. Application areas: The manual centrifuges from Turbo-Separator AG are ideal for filtering fluids at maximum rates of up to 150 l/min. In the process, a wide range of different substances can be filtered from the different types of fluids like emulsions, oil, petroleum, solvents, water etc., including for example all metals (magnetic and non-magnetic), glass, ceramics, fillers, carbides, graphite etc. Advantages:

  • Best filtration quality in the range from 1 – 10 μm
  • No costs for additional filtration aids or media like fibre matting
  • Minimal disposal costs, with no additional costs arising from additional filtration aids or media
  • Best processing results thanks to the high purity of the cooling lubricant
  • Effortless operation for high employee satisfaction
  • Equipment pays for itself very quickly
  • Future-proof filtration method

Handling: Manual-Centrifuges   Switch off the centrifuge, open the housing cover and remove the rotor cover (release the quick-release fasteners).     Insert a cleaned slurry insert.       Remove the insert filled with slurry.     Refit the rotor and the housing cover (lock the quick-release fasteners) and restart the centrifuge.