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Brinkmann – Free flow immersion pumps / type SFT450 - 1400


SFT450, 710, 1100, 1300, 1350, 1400 – Semi-open impellers

Free Flow-Immersion Pumps series SFT are designed to lift coolant for filtering. Coarse shreds can be transported together with liquids. The pump inlet and pump discharge port have the same dimensions.
The SFT serie offers a flange with pressure gauge connection port. The flange can be rotated for either horizontal or vertical pipe connections.

Types of fluid

  •  coolants

Max. chip to coolant ratio by weight:

  •  1.5 %

Chip material:

  •  Aluminium, steel, coloured steels

Chip geometry:

  •  Flow chips up until 80 mm long

Kinematic viscosity

  •  …30 mm²/s (30 cSt)
  • On request higher viscosity

Pumping temperature

  •  0 – 60°C


Pump body Cast iron
Cover Special cast iron
Impeller Cast steel
Shaft Steel
-CL with axial impeller for lower liquid level Cast steel