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Brinkmann – Immersion pumps semi-open impellers / type TB40-M - 100M


TB40-M, 63-M, 100-M – Open impellers

Immersion Pumps are plain centrifugal pumps with the impeller fitted on the driving shaft extension. They are mounted on top of the container, the pump extension being immersed in the coolant.
The dimensions are based on standard specification EN 12157.
The maximum coolant level must stay a few mm/inches below the mounting flange.

Types of fluid

  •  freezing medium, cooling oils
  •  other fluids on request

Kinematic viscosity

  • 90 mm²/s (90 cSt)

Pumping temperature


Pump body Cast iron
Cover Cast iron
Impeller Brass
Shaft Steel
Cover Cast iron with thread
On request:
All parts having contact with the fluid are
made of bronze.
The models of TB…-M are also available
with single phase motor.
Noise level
TB40-M – 100-M 54 dBA