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Brinkmann – Miniature centrifugal pumps / type BMK3 - 4


BMK3, BMK4 – Peripheral impellers

Miniature Centrifugal Pumps of the BMK series have been designed for clean water circuits of up to 160 degree C fluid temperature and up to 7 bar of system pressure. The pumps are equipped with a magnetic coupling. The pumps can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The specific design allows the pumps to operate wear poor.

Types of fluid

  •  water up to 160° C at 7 bar system pressure


Pump body CrNi-steel
Cover CrNi-steel
Impeller CrNi-steel
Shaft Ceramic
Gasket Split-case
Noise level
BMK3 65 dBA
BMK4 67 dBA