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Sacemi coolant pumps

Capacities of up to 1,200 l/ min, head up to 10 bar.

The body can be constructed of steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass or plastic for industrial applications and mainly for use in cooling, lubrication, washing and air-conditioning plants and anywhere where water-oil emulsions and pure cutting oils are needed, with flow rates reaching 1,200 litres/min. and head of up to 100 metres.

In particular, stem pumps are designed from the point of view of reliability, reasonable running costs, user safety and total elimination of risks of the pumped liquids overflowing or leaking.

The electric pumps are fitted with 2-pole electric motors, closed construction, with cast aluminium alloy body and vertical axis, cooled by external ventilation with class-F (class-H on request) winding and level IP 55 protection in compliance with IEC 34-5 standards.

Pumps can be supplied with three phase or single phase motors. Special voltages and thermal protection available upon request.

The terminal board cover is fitted with cable connections in compliance with international standards, these can be orientated over 360° and, on request. It can also be supplied in a pressure-cast aluminium alloy or with an incorporated switch.

Rigid radial, double screen, pre-lubricated ball bearings are used, produced by the main European manufacturers. Call the office for more information on the model and type of pump that is suitable for you.