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Sacemi – TR transfer pumps / type TR 71 - 80


The pumps are suitable to transfer liquids containing impurities measuring up to 2-3 mm.
The hydraulic components, namely the impeller in brass and the scroll in cast iron allow the pumps to be used with water, emulsions, oily substances and liquids in general with a maximum viscosity of 3° Engler (21 CST) and a maximum temperature of 90° C.
They are usually used in cases where there is no space at the top of the tank.
They should be installed on the side of the tank to allow the liquid to enter straight into the suction mouth (see Figure).
In cases where the liquid is particularly dirty, the user is recommended to construct the tank in compartments to allow the dirt to deposit before it is stirred up by the pump.
To ensure a long life for the pump, never let it turn when it is dry since the mechanical seal is not selflubricated.

For other usages you are advised to consult our technical office.

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