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TS Coolant System

The Hydra-Jet coolant system has been cleverly designed offering you, the customer, a modular unit which can incorporate many options within the standard design. Allowing for multiple pumps to supply the machine tool with varying flow rates for flood and bedwashes. In  addition, various pressures can be achieved, including high pressure for through tool applications. Filtration options currently available include cloth bags, paper and magnetic, allowing its use in a wide range of applications. By utilising the larger coolant capacity and incorporating heat exchangers and chillers will also  improve the coolants stability.

  • Tank capacities: 300 – 1500 ltrs
  • Various flows and pressures
  • High pressure coolant options
  • Wash guns
  • Various filtration options
  • Chiller options
  • Integral electrical control panel
  • Multiple coolant pump configurations