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Machine Tool Accessories

Machine Tool Accessories / Other Services

Pumps and Equipment has supported general engineering with a range of products based around the delivery of machine tool coolant in the cutting process. Initially this was with the Sacemi and Brinkmann product range, but over the years have expanded to include Oil Skimmers, Maxiflex coolant hose, and other pumps such as A-Ryung, Lowara and Grundfoss.

In recent years Pumps and Equipment has developed expertise in the application of High pressure and Ultra High Pressure coolant to the cutting interface.

Pumps and Equipment are able to provide full engineering solutions for most machine retrofits, and support this with its own electrical and mechanical installation and maintenance team.

Pumps and Equipment have a reputation for delivering large design and build Turnkey installation projects, involving a wide variety of coolant filtration systems and high pressure coolant installations. A recent addition to our portfolio is the design, manufacture, and installation of a de-ionised water plants.We also offer a full electrical and mechanical installation service package.

With up to 2000 coolant pumps in stock, customers are assured of a prompt service.