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Cooling brought direct to the point.

Longer lasting tools and less machine standstill for lathes, turning- and milling and cnc machines.

Existing cooling tubes made out of plastic are very flexible, but they don’t offer the necessary operational safety. Often the coolant jet turns away due to chips or vibrations and the coolant doesn’t arrive where it’s needed. The result: Destroyed tools and expensive machine standstill. That can be avoided.

The solution.

With the BESTDO cool line system these problems are eliminated, vendor-independent, on lathes, milling- and grinding machines. BESTDO developed, in close cooperation with renowned machine manufacturers, an easy to mount cool line system made of metal.

With this system the coolant jet can be precisely adjusted and set. Even under heavy amount of chips and extreme vibrations, the coolant jet remains in position. The international protected system is designed for pressure up to 50 bar, depending on component selection, even up to 150 bar.

The system.

The compact-ball-screw caps with a sealing ring are available in two diameters – 6mm and 10mm inside. These two options offer an individual adaption to any kind of machine. BESTDO is well prepared to assemble sets for any machine and stocks pre-selected sets for common machine models.

At a glance.

  • precisely adjustable and fixable by screwing
  • wear and resistant to chips, vibration and pressure
  • quick installation
  • directly mountable in the working space, even under heavy amount of chips
  • many (almost endless) combinations