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Oil Skimmers

Oil Skimmers

The solution to oil contamination in industrial coolants is to fit an oil skimmer. For single machine tools the removal of tramp oil in the coolant is achieved by the fitting of an oil skimmer. There are 2 oil skimmer models in our range, disk or belt – see website for details. For a more demanding application we recommend an Oil Separator.

A major contaminant of machine coolants is tramp oil.

Tramp oil usually originates from leaky hydraulic systems, gear boxes, spindles etc. and from total loss slideway lubrication systems, as used on many modern machine tools. The oil accumulates on the coolant surface effectively sealing it from air which creates an environment for rapid growth of micro-organisms.
The results are:

  •  Rancidity (Foul smell and rusting problems).
  •  High risk of skin problems.
  •  General deterioration in coolant performance.
  •  Disposal of coolant is an expensive option.

See more details on Oil Skimmers.