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Oil Skimmers - Belt Skimmer


75 or 130mm wide

  • Standard belts 75 or 130mm (wider belts possible if required)
  • Standard belt drops – 180, 230, 280, 330 & 370mm
  • Special belt drops to 2 metres
  • Oil removal rates up to 4 ltr/hour
  • Easily mounted (can be flush with top of tank)
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 80°c

We recommend a belt skimmer if it not possible to use the Disc Skimmer for one of the following reasons:
– Not enough headroom for the disc. (Usually on tanks located under the machine bed)
– Coolant level varies outside disc range
– Tank below floor level

Mounting Options
Mounting slot in the skimmer will fit tank sides up to 4mm thick.