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Process Division - Cleaning in Place (CIP)

U_CIP Pumps small

Cleaning In Place (CIP) is concerned with the cleaning and/or disinfecting of equipment during and after processing throughout the drinks and food industry. This is particularly important with regard to cross-contamination of recipe control and the shelf life and safety of food.


  •  The solutions offered in this environment are based on reliable pump operation, with no contamination of the product.
  •  There are no glands, seals, or gland packings, therefore no wear on mechanical parts.
  •  The pumps available are capable of high temperature tolerance (90ºC), high chemical tolerance, and able to cope with solids in suspension and viscous materials.
  •  The pump and system design controls pressure spikes.

Benefits:U_CIP stainless DIN flange

  •  Suitable for high pressure pumping
  •  Reduced pump wear
  •  Able to handle high temperature
  •  Solution for pressure spiking
  •  Able to handle cleaning fluids
  •  Able to handle reclaimed wash fluids
  •  Able to handle solids in suspension
  •  Highly suitable for food and hygiene environments

Suitable Products: