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Process Division - Flue Gas Emissions

flue gas schematic

The handling of flue gases and the emission into the atmosphere continue to be a high focus, given global warming concerns. Solutions for this environment need to be meet Government legislation standards with respect to remove emissions at source.


  •  Lime slurry is used to clean the waste products by binding with it, however, lime slurry is highly caustic and abrasive.
  •  Increasing the concentration of lime slurry improves the ability to trap waste emissions, but this will increase wear and decrease efficiency of most delivery systems. Hydracell pumps are able to cope with this.
  •  The Hydracell pump range can handle up to 20% lime slurry solution (traditional methods only handle 5%).
  •  The pumps available offer high reliability in delivering slurry solutions to the processing area. Repeatability here is key to emission control compliance.

Benefits:flue gas factory

  •  Solution for acidic gas waste handling
  •  Solution for Alkaline gas waste handling
  •  Solution for Lime slurry handling / scrubbing

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