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Process Division - Oil Production

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Oil production demands the ability to handle viscous material (crude oil) through to a refined finished product, typically much lighter in viscosity. Extraction and refining also demand activities such as chemical injection and slurry pumping during processing.


  •  The solutions offered in this environment are capable of high chemical tolerance with the chemicals used in refinery products.
  •  The pumps selected are able to cope with both solids in suspension and viscous materials.
  •  There are no glands, seals, or gland packings, therefore no wear on mechanical parts.
  •  The solutions offered are able to control process using injected chemicals (dosing capability)
  •  The solutions offered are based on reliable pump operation.
  •  The solutions offered are suitable for slurry pumping for sulphur dioxide (SO2) removal or acid

Benefits:oil production pic2

  •  Solution for Hot Glycol injection
  •  Solution for water transfer
  •  Solution for condensate injection
  •  Solution for burn off
  •  Solution for catalytic injection
  •  Solution for slurry pumping
  •  Solution for emission control
  •  Solution for sour gas injection

Suitable Products: