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Process Division - Osmosis

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Osmosis is the movement of fluid from a region of high concentration through a semi-permeable membrane to a region of low concentration, with the intention of either cleaning up a fluid or recovering dissolved products.


  •  The solutions offer the ability to handle high concentrations of contamination within a wide range of fluids.
  •  The pumps available are capable of high temperature tolerance (90ºC), high chemical tolerance, and able to cope with solids in suspension and abrasive or viscous materials.
  •  The solutions offered in this environment are based on reliable pump operation, with no contamination of the product, making it suitable for the food industry.
  •  The ability to handle varying flow and pressure essential to maintain delivery across the membrane.
  •  No effluent neutralisation required.
  •  No downtime needed for filter or pump cleaning.
  •  Reduced operating costs as a result of reclaiming water for reuse.
  •  Durable pump life

Benefits:osmosis - RO plant picture

  •  Solution for reverse osmosis
  •  Solution for effluent treatment
  •  Suitable for food products cleanup
  •  Solution for desalination
  •  Solution for de-ionisation

Suitable Products: