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Process Division - Parts Washing

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Manufacturing of components (typically) leaves residue oils and dirt which requires removal prior to final inspection and assembly. Systems considered in this environment require the ability to pump extremely hot fluids, at pressure, with detergents in solution.


  •  The solutions offered in this environment are based on reliable pump operation.
  •  There are no glands, seals, or gland packings, therefore no wear on mechanical parts.
  •  The pumps available are capable of high temperature tolerance (90ºC) and high chemical tolerance.
  •  The pumps available are capable of using re-circulated wash fluid, thereby reducing costs.
  •  The pumps available have a long pump life, with low maintenance and spares cost.

Benefits:parts washing schematic 2 small

  •  Suitable for high pressure cleaning
  •  Able to handle detergents
  •  Able to handle re-circulated (dirty) fluid
  •  Suitable for hot cleaning

Suitable Products: