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Process Division - Propellant Packaging

Propellant Packaging schematic

Propellant packaging requires the precise delivery of aerosol propellants to pressurised cans.


  •  The solutions offer the ability to meter out controlled and consistent amounts to the process, complying with the metering standard for the industry.
  •  The solutions are compatible with propellants in a liquefied state.
  •  The solutions offer the ability to deliver constant flow and pressure.
  •  The solutions offer varying pressure capability, accommodating variation in processing.
  •  No cups, seals, or gland packing, therefore no wear on mechanical parts

Benefits:spray can

  •  Solution for propellant filling in aerosol can assembly
  •  Solution for Metering (dosage)
  •  Able to run at high pressure
  •  Able to handle Propane
  •  Able to handle N-butane
  •  Able to handle ISO-butane

Suitable Products: