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Process Division - Spray Drying

spray drying schematic

Spray drying is the ability to produce a small granular particle from a liquid. This is traditionally done by pumping a solution mix under pressure into a hot pressurised vessel, upon which the particles dry, creating a small granular particle, the size of which is determined both by pressure and nozzle size.


  •  The solutions offered are capable of pumping coarse, abrasive slurries in suspension (commonly 40% solids).
  •  The solutions offered are capable of controlling flow and pressure, to maintain granular size.
  •  By incorporating variable speed the pump’s efficiency is maximised whilst maintaining process control. This, in turn, enables process flexibility.
  •  Due to pump’s design and construction, downtime and maintenance is kept to a minimum.
  •  Given the above, the solution offers a high ROI.


  •  Suitable for ceramic industry
  •  Suitable for Biscuit making
  •  Suitable for Paints
  •  Suitable for Food industry (dried milk etc)
  •  Suitable for Agriculture industry
  •  Suitable for Chemical industry

Suitable Products: