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Process Division - Washdown

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Washdown is concerned with the pre- and post-production / process cleaning. As the cost of effluent care and disposal continues to increase, the ability to handle reclaimed water must form part of any good solution.


  •  The solutions considered in this environment are fixed or portable, single or multi-gun outlets.
  •  All pumps offered are capable of handling detergents and solids in suspension (up to 200 microns).
  •  The solutions are capable of using reclaimed water, thereby reduced effluent-processing charges by the water authority (ROI).
  •  The solutions are energy efficient, with variable speed and pressure control.
  •  Pressure spike control is incorporated in the pump design.
  •  There are no glands, seals, or gland packings, therefore no wear on mechanical parts, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.


  •  Efficient single gun operations
  •  Efficient continuous run multi-gun operations
  •  Suitable for high pressure pumping
  •  Reduced pump wear
  •  Able to handle high temperature
  •  Solution for pressure spiking
  •  Able to handle cleaning fluids

Suitable Products: