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Brinkmann – Horizontal end-suction pumps / type SBF1350 - 1850


SBF1350, 1550, 1850 – Axial/Semi-open impellers

Horizontal End-Suction Pumps are centrifugal inline pumps with a compact design where the impeller is mounted onto the extended motor shaft. These pumps are not self-priming and must be gravity fed. All pumps are equipped with a single mechanical seal.
Upon request a second mechanical seal is available to allow for dry-running (-GD). This pump series is designed for horizontal installations next to a tank and for pumping highly air entrained coolant fluids, such as water-soluble coolants (emulsions), as they occur in high speed machining applications, such as turning and milling.
The SBF pumps are equipped with the user-friendly 45 degree flange connection which allows for either vertical or horizontal pipe connection and the connection of a pressure gauge with G ¼.
For more information see mechanical features within the technical information section.

Types of fluid

  •  water
  •  coolants
  •  cooling/cutting oils

Max. chip to coolant ratio by weight:

  • 1.0 % depending on the specific chip type

Chip material:

  • Aluminium, steel, coloured steels, cast iron

Kinematic viscosity

  • 45 mm²/s (45 cSt)

Pumping temperature

  •  0 – 80°C


Pump body Cast iron
Cover Cast iron
Impeller axial Cast steel
Impeller radial Cast steel
Shaft Steel
Mechanical seal SiC
Noise level
SBF1350 71 dBA
SBF1550 – 1850 74 dBA