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Electric Panel Design

Unlike many others, Pumps & Equipment electrical panels are designed, tested and built in-house.

All work is carried out by directly employed highly qualified mechanical and electrical engineers.

Electric panels are built to customers design requirements and our technical staff will be happy to deal with any enquiries you may have.

Tank Fabrication

Pumps and Equipment have the ability to design and manufacture a wide range of specialist tanks to meet your needs. Working in AutoCad and SolidWorks we can incorporate our designs to match your existing machine drawings. Facbrication work is aided by the use of computer-aided laser cutting machines, giving repeatability, accuracy, and overall finish to meet the most exacting of requirements. The Quality of our products is enhanced by powder-coated and 2-pack epoxy paint finishes, which we standardise on. All fabrications are finished to the customer’s paint colour requirements, provided we are given the appropriate RAL or BS code. All fabrications leave our workshop with the required pumps, associated fittings, and electrical panel(s) as required. The system is electrically wired for ‘plug and play’. As part of a turnkey package, we can further install and commission this equipment at your site, using our own skilled labour.

In-line Filters

In addition to the Hydra Filter range we can offer in-line strainers, cartridge filters, paper band clarifiers and depth filters from the Losma distributership. Our machine coolant filters will help prolong the life of your coolant and pumps and result in better lubrication flow, and workpiece surface finish.

Maxiflex Low-Pressure Directional Hoses

Manufactured in high grade plastic our Maxiflex coolant hoses are designed to resist most chemicals and the effects of corrosion. They are non conductive and are ideal for machine coolants, air lines etc. Maxiflex coolant hoses are made up of a series of knuckles clipped together, this provides excellent flexibility to position the hose outlet where required for optimum machine tool life.

  • Suitable for use up to 4 bar.
  • Excellent stayput properties
  • Unique adaptor available for connecting to similar systems
  • ‘Scissors’ available for ease of assembly/disassembly
  • Bore sizes 1/4″ x 1/2″ with B.S.P. fittings 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″
  • Easily assembled by hand or ‘scissors’
Bestdo High-Pressure Directional Hoses

Cooling brought direct to the point.

Longer lasting tools and less machine standstill for lathes, turning- and milling and cnc machines.

Existing cooling tubes made out of plastic are very flexible, but they don’t offer the necessary operational safety. Often the coolant jet turns away due to chips or vibrations and the coolant doesn’t arrive where it’s needed. The result: Destroyed tools and expensive machine standstill. That can be avoided.

The solution.

With the BESTDO cool line system these problems are eliminated, vendor-independent, on lathes, milling- and grinding machines. BESTDO developed, in close cooperation with renowned machine manufacturers, an easy to mount cool line system made of metal.

With this system the coolant jet can be precisely adjusted and set. Even under heavy amount of chips and extreme vibrations, the coolant jet remains in position. The international protected system is designed for pressure up to 50 bar, depending on component selection, even up to 150 bar.

The system.

The compact-ball-screw caps with a sealing ring are available in two diameters – 6mm and 10mm inside. These two options offer an individual adaption to any kind of machine. BESTDO is well prepared to assemble sets for any machine and stocks pre-selected sets for common machine models.

At a glance.

  • precisely adjustable and fixable by screwing
  • wear and resistant to chips, vibration and pressure
  • quick installation
  • directly mountable in the working space, even under heavy amount of chips
  • many (almost endless) combinations
Wash Guns

The wash gun is an accessory which can be fitted to most CNC machine tools. The Pumps and Equipment option comes as a complete retro-fit kit, which includes all all electrical and mechical parts required for the installation. The unit can be supplied on its own, or fitted by our expert engineers upon request. The design is fully automatic and operates when the gun is removed from the holster, thereby energising the delivery pump. Upon depression of the trigger, collant is discharged (see Fig. 2). The holster is typically located close to the machine door (Fig. 3) and in easy reach for the operator. With most paint colours available, the gun holster and pump plate modifications are able to complement any CNC machine tool. Pump Plate modfications are available upon request but are not part of the standard kit

General Pumps

Pumps and Equipment (Warwick) Ltd. are not only specialists in the supply of coolant and high pressure pumps but also have a wealth of knowledge in the supply of centrifugal, special purpose and sump pumps.

Browse the navigation on the left to learn more about our general pumps and do not hesitate to give us a call for free friendly advice, we look forward to being of service to you!

Machine Tool Lamps

The FL20 series of machine tool lamps offers cool lighting and are designed for internal or external use.

The FL-W tubular series lamp offers illumination from 10 to 40 watt and power ratings of 110 or 240 volt. Utilising efficient quartz halogen bulbs they offer excellent soft light output.
An in-built ballast resistor option is available with acrylic or glass tube.

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With up to 2,000 coolant pumps and pumping accessories in stock, customers are assured of a prompt service. Information for all our products are available on our website, offering a comprehensive knowledge base.

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