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Super Gun


Super gun has three operation functions – blow, suction, and blow-suction. The strength of blowing and sucking solids, liquid, and gas is controllable. It can transport, collect, and remove foreign materials from deep and recessed crevices. Super gun uses compressed air for its power source, therefore it does not generate heat even if it is used for long periods of time. It is convenient, safe and economic to use which can only aid the improvement to the environment.

Suitable for:

  •  Cleaning inside electrical panels and boxes
  •  Removal of residual liquid
  •  Removal of fine dust
  •  Removal of swarf chips from CNC machine tools
  •  Places where electric spark is susceptible
  •  Removal of suspension and deposits
  •  Removal of plastic chips from assembly lines
  •  Discharge of harmful gas in welding areas


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