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Technical Information

Description Reference No.
Adapter G1/4 Best-1-AD-100
Adapter G1/8 Best-1-AD-110
Adapter M8x1 Best-1-AD-130
Adapter M10x1 Best-1-AD-200
Quick Lock G1/4 Best-1-AD-150
Quick Lock G1/8 Best-1-AD-160
Hose Adaptor Best-1-AD-180
Hydraulic Adapter 36,50mm Best-1-HYD-10
Hydraulic Adapter 66,50mm Best-1-HYD-30
Hydraulic Adapter 96,50mm Best-1-HYD-60
Hydraulic Adapter 136,50mm Best-1-HYD-100
Air Adapter (Passage Dimensions are required for Order) Best-1-Luft-100
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