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Technical Information

Item Part No. Description
6mm Joined Segments 83202 1 Segment (80 Segments = 1m)
6mm Joined Segments 83203 22 Segments = 280mm
12mm Joined Segments 83402 45 Segments = 1m
12mm Joined Segments 83403 12 Segments = 265mm = (10″)
See also 83051 and 83061 MAXIFLEX sets which also contain joined segments

Double Socket Segments

Item Part No. Description
6mm Double Socket Segments 83241 Spherical double socket segment
12mm Double Socket Segments 83441 Spherical double socket segment

 Double Nipple Segments

Item Part No. Description
6mm Double Nipple Segment 83242 Double (male) Nipple Segment
12mm Double Nipple Segment 83442 Double Nipple Segment
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