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Cleaning units for industrial liquids without filter media

Fields of applications:

  • Grinding, honing, lapping, polishing, finishing and deburring.
  • Milling, turning, boring etc.
  • Rolling, drawing, pressing, thread rolling, wire drawing.
  • Processing of emulsions, swarf centrifuging.
  • Washing, degreasing, phosphating, painting, paint removal
  • Glass grinding (construction, automotive, optical, medical etc.).
  • Printed circuit board industry (developers, stripping etc.).
  • Waste water from industrial kitchens or industrial waste water prior to ultrafiltration.


Sales programme:

  • Centrifuges with manual sludge removal, equally suited to oil and emulsions.
  • Centrifuges with automatic sludge removal, equally suited to oil and emulsions.
  • Reversible flow filters.
  • Continuous vacuum belt filters.
  • Magnetic filters.
  • Multifunction filters with continuous belts.
  • Sedimentation tanks with steel or stainless steel scrapers.
  • 2-phase cleaning, liquid / solid.
  • 3-phase cleaning, liquid / solid / liquid.
  • Individual systems.
  • Central systems.
  • Special solutions.
  • UV cascade reactor.
  • Surface oil skimmer.
  • Accessories like immersion recooling devices, control cabinet coolers, oil mist extractor units.


 Application aereas:

  • For high filter demands.
  • When oil is used for coolant.
  • When grey cast iron, aluminium, glass carbide, ceramics, HSS etc. are machined.
  • For filtering grinding oils for deep creep and high speed grinding.


Coolant treatment

  • 3-Phase Filtration of used coolant into clean coolant – solids – tramp oil.
  • Separating free floating oil.
  • Side stream filtration in central coolant systems with automatic fine filtration and separation of tramp oil

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Wasch water treatment

  • Lifetime improvement of wash fluids and similar fluids.
  • For fine cleaning (separating fines) and separation of non-emulsified oil in wash installations.
  • Side stream cleaning of electroplating systems.

Microsoft Word - Allgemein_en1.docCutting such as drilling, milling turning

  • Separating tramp oil from coolant.
  • Cleaning cutting oil and emulsion.
  • Filtration of coolant and oil for internal cooled tools.
  • Coolant treatment and lifetime improvement.

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  • Coolant filtration from chip wringers.
  • Filtration of oil from forming processes such as pressing, drawing and rolling.
  • Separating copper fines from brushing.
  • Separating particles from PCB liquids.

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Recycling of industrial liquids

  • Filtration of vibratory process liquids for reuse or pre-cleaning for disposal.
  • Recycling of coagulated circulation water in paint boothes – separation of solid waste.
  • Cleaning process liquid from wet type dust collectors.

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