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Technical Data


  • Switch off the centrifuge, open the housing cover and remove the rotor cover (release the quick-release fasteners).
  • Insert a cleaned slurry insert.
  • Remove the insert filled with slurry.
  • Refit the rotor and the housing cover (lock the quick-release fasteners) and restart the centrifuge.

Technical Information


  • Best filtration quality in the range from 1 – 10 μm
  • No costs for additional filtration aids or media like fibre matting
  • Minimal disposal costs, with no additional costs arising from additional filtration aids or media
  • Best processing results thanks to the high purity of the cooling lubricant
  • Effortless operation for high employee satisfaction
  • Equipment pays for itself very quickly
  • Future-proof filtration method


Application areas: The manual centrifuges from Turbo-Separator AG are ideal for filtering fluids at maximum rates of up to 150 l/min. In the process, a wide range of different substances can be filtered from the different types of fluids like emulsions, oil, petroleum, solvents, water etc., including for example all metals (magnetic and non-magnetic), glass, ceramics, fillers, carbides, graphite etc.

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