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Brinkmann – Quick suctioning immersion pumps / type SGL1101 - 1103


SGL1101, 1102, 1103 – Axial/Semi-open impellers

Quick Suctioning Immersion Pumps series SGL equipped with the patented “BRINKMANN`s Suction De-aeration System” are excellently suited to pumping extremely inflated fluids (emulsions resp. cooling/cutting oils) as they occur in high-speed grinding. The quick suctioning immersion pumps reach stable working conditions as soon as the liquid level reaches the suction inlet.
The SGL series offers a flange with pressure gauge connection port. The flange can be rotated for either horizontal or vertical pipe connections.
The pump SGL1101 is available (upon request) with an additional agitator at the pump suction for breaking up and separating large bundles of chips or birds nests.

Types of fluid

  • water
  •  coolants
  •  cooling/cutting oils
  •  grinding oils

Kinematic viscosity

  •  90 mm²/s (90 cSt)

Pumping temperature

  •  0 – 80°C


Pump body Cast iron
Cover Cast iron
Impeller axial Cast steel
Impeller radial Cast steel
Shaft Steel