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Brinkmann – High pressure pumps / type TFS/FFS 574 - 5100 60Hz


TFS/FFS 574, 5100 60Hz

Screw spindle pumps with their silicon carbide housing and highly wear resistant spindles are capable of achieving extremely high pressures. Brinkmann high pressure screw pumps are designed for pumping filtered and
lubricating fluids such as coolant oils and water soluble coolants. High pressure screw spindle pumps are not designed for dry-running.
Screw spindle pumps are positive displacement pumps which always require the installation of a pressure relief valve in order to prevent bursting.


Types of fluid

  • Oils
  •  Cooling/cutting oils
  • Coolants

Kinematic viscosity

  •  1 – 90 mm2/s (90cSt)
  •  over 90 mm2/s on request

Pumping temperature

  •  …+ 80 °C

Recommended filtration levels:

  •  Turning, drilling, milling 50 μm
  • Grinding and machining of aluminum (CBN etc.) 20 μm


Pressure and suction housing Cast iron
Silicone carbide
Highly wear
Precision machined
Screw spindles Hardened tool steel
Specially treated
Highly wear
Precision ground
Seal Viton

TFS-FFS-5100-574-60Hz-td1 TFS-FFS-5100-574-60Hz-td2