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Wash Guns

The wash gun is an accessory which can be fitted to most CNC machine tools. The Pumps and Equipment option comes as a complete retro-fit kit, which includes all all electrical and mechical parts required for the installation. The unit can be supplied on its own, or fitted by our expert engineers upon request. The design is fully automatic and operates when the gun is removed from the holster, thereby energising the delivery pump. Upon depression of the trigger, collant is discharged (see Fig. 2). The holster is typically located close to the machine door (Fig. 3) and in easy reach for the operator. With most paint colours available, the gun holster and pump plate modifications are able to complement any CNC machine tool. Pump Plate modfications are available upon request but are not part of the standard kit.

Fig.1 : Delivery pump mounted in coolant tank  Fig.2 : Coolant being discharged  Fig. 3: Gun in holster mounted on outside of machine
U_washgun_pic2 U_washgun U_washgun_pic3
The pictures below show different mounting options
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