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Technical Data


Technical Information

Pump body Cast iron
Cover Cast iron
Impellers Brass
Shaft Steel
Mechanical seal Graphite based (TM)
Pump body Bronze (TS12 – TS22)
Cover Bronze (TS12 – TS22)
Impellers CrNi-steel (TS12…TS22)
Noise level
TS12 – 13 54 dBA
TS21 – 22 64 dBA
TM24 – 26 66 dBA
TS24 67 dBA


Types of fluid

  •  water
  •  coolants
  •  cooling/cutting oils

Kinematic viscosity

  • 90 mm²/s (90 cSt)

Pumping temperature

  •  0 – 80°C
  •  150° C (200° C) as special make


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