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Process Division - Food Processing

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Food Processing is concerned with the delivery of food ingredients to the recipe mix. Delivery of ingredients needs to be precise in volume and weight, and, of course, in hygienic condition. Process reliability and repeatability with minimal downtime are key factors.


  •  The solutions offered in this environment are based on reliable pump operation, with no contamination of the product.
  •  There are no glands, seals, or gland packings, therefore no wear on mechanical parts.
  •  The pump and system design allows controlled flow and dosing capability.
  •  The pump design is capable of handling solids in suspension (up to 40% solids in solution), as well as abrasive or viscous materials (lesathin and cocoa mass for example).
  •  By incorporating variable speed the pump’s efficiency is maximised whilst maintaining process control. This, in turn, enables process flexibility.
  •  Due to pump’s design and construction, downtime and maintenance is kept to a minimum.
  •  Given the above, the solution offers a high ROI.



  •  Suitable for hygiene and food environment
  •  Lower maintenance budgets
  •  Reduces downtime
  •  Improves uptime on manufacturing
  •  Lower replacement part costs
  •  Improved pump efficiency
  •  Improved solution for measured delivery (dosing)



Suitable Products: